Pro Security Mask (pack of 2, washable)

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A washable and reusable protective mouth mask, manufactured by Thuasne.

Thuasne commits to respond to this and to combat this exceptional health crisis.  They use their knowledge, since 1857, of medical textiles. The Thuasne group has mobilized its R&D centre and their machinery so that they are able to produce a protective mask that is reusable and washable 30 times.

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.delivery-text {display:none!important} This protective mask (or barrier mask) is filtering (100% of the particles of 3 µm (microns) and 100% of the particles of 1 µm (microns), breathable and reusable . It can be machine washed 30 times at 60 ° C, dried in the dryer, and ironed at 120 ° C. The filtering properties of this washable mask give you additional protection to the other precautions , tailored to both your professional and personal activities.   Using this mouth mask is an excellent way for the general public to help avoid a flare-up of the spread of the virus during lock down . The mask can be used during your trips, at your workplace, when you are in the car with several people, to do your shopping in the supermarket, to visit your friends and family, etc.   Using a reusable mask helps protect the environment from excess landfill.   Due to its wearing comfort and small daily running costs , this mask is highly appreciated by company managers and self-employed people , who want to provide a “Premium” protective equipment for their staff , thus guaranteeing the safety and health of the employees.       Before putting on your mouth mask, wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic gel.   Every time you put on your mask, it should be clean and dry.   1. Unfold the mask (1), with the blue line up. The outside is marked with the Thuasne logo. 2. Put the bottom elastic over your head (2). Place the mask so that the nose, mouth and chin are covered. Make sure it fits as closely as possible to the face. 3. Put the top elastic over your head (3). 4. Adjust the nose bar on the top of your mask (4). 5. Verify that the mask is properly applied by checking the seal. For this, cover the mask with a plastic foil. When inhaled, the mask should stick to the face (5) Check the absence of airflow into the eyes with a strong exhalation. The mask can be worn non-stop for 4 hours between each wash.     How to wash a Thuasne Pro Security mask?   The Thuasne barrier mask is reusable and should be maintained with care. This mask can be washed 30 times. It can be tumble dried and ironed at 120 ° C. • Wash the mask at 60 ° C, on a complete 30 minute cycle. • Wash the mask every day, after every use. • Do not wash the mask with other items of clothing. • The mask must be completely dry before use. A wash grid is available in the user manual, so you can tick a box after each wash. Once the grid is full, the mask must be replaced.  


Manufactured in France under the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) Manufactured in France in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified sites . The washable and reusable mask conforms to different standards and specifications , and was specifically designed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic to fight the virus and effectively protect yourself from the virus. Unlike the “home-made” masks, without standards and not tested, this washable mask has been validated and meets the requirements of the AFNOR standard SPEC S76-001. All parts of the mask are Reach or OEKO-TEX certified. Comparison of a Thuasne Pro Security mouth mask with a surgical mask In addition to a higher filter capacity than traditional surgical masks, Thuasne has thought carefully about the Pro Security mask, and thought of several details that increase wearing comfort . The Thuasne-made washable mouth mask features an elastic band to put over your head for greater ease of use, and also keeps it from pulling on the ears. This elastic thus avoids pain caused by long-term wearing and is ideal for hearing aid wearers. Furthermore , the risk of redness is greatly reduced by the composition of this mask, compared to a paper or “home-made” mask. Finally, Thuasne has also provided a label to record the name of the wearer for personal use. All the features of the Pro Security mask make it a good ally for the general public, for fighting and effective protection against the virus (2019-nCOV) .

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