Action Reliever Osteoarthritis knee brace – Available on Prescription from your GP – or buy direct below

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Semi-soft OA knee brace that’s invisible under most clothes


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The Action Reliever has a unique off-loading action utilising straps to create a dynamic 3-point pressure system that is most effective on heel strike. It is available for both medial or lateral OA.

Clinical study: “By wearing the brace, the pain on exertion was reduced and the pain-free distance extended.”


Action Reliever routinely prescribed for:

  • Uni-compartmental Osteoarthritis (lateral or medial)
  • Uni-compartmental (lateral or medial) knee conditions requiring load reduction


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NEW Action Reliever

  • Dynamic off-loading provided by the straps and the combined rigid adjustable hinge on the affected side / flexible stay on the unaffected side
  • Anatomically shaped straps creating a dynamic 3-point pressure system: maximum off-loading on heel strike
  • Anatomical knit with integrated anti-slip silicone, comfort zone at popliteal crease and stretch knit at the edges
  • Easy to close thanks to the effortless magnetic buckles with finger loop
  • Only 2 steps for fitting after the initial fit: slide up the leg and snap the buckles
  • 2 models: right medial / left lateral and left medial / right lateral
Additional information

Medial Left / Lateral Right, Medial Right / Lateral Left


32 – 34 cm Knee Circumference, 35 – 37 cm Knee Circumference, 38 -41 cm Knee Circumference, 42 -45 cm Knee Circumference, 46 – 49 cm Knee Circumference, 50 – 53 cm Knee Circumference



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